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Struggling with Bruxism patients?

Are you struggling to deal with bruxism patients? Unsure where to direct them for specialised care? Our clinic offers tailored Bruxism solutions - refer your patients to us. This opportunity is open to all professionals including dentists, dental nurses, orthodontists, dental hygienists, and GPs alike.

what happens next?

We will reach out to your referred patient via SMS and email.

This approach gives them the opportunity to make informed decisions about their treatment at their own convenience, ensuring they have all the necessary information and time to consider their options.

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Benefits for Your Patient


Proven Bruxism Expertise

With hundreds of successful Botox treatments and a 97% success rate, our specialized care is second to none. Trust us to deliver effective solutions for bruxism. Our experienced team uses the latest techniques and treatments to provide relief from bruxism symptoms.

Swift Appointments, No NHS Delays

Bypass NHS waiting times with The Bruxism Clinic. We offer prompt appointments, often on the same day, to ensure immediate relief for your patients. Our streamlined appointment process means less waiting and more focus on treatment and recovery. We understand the importance of addressing bruxism symptoms quickly to prevent further discomfort and dental complications. That’s why we prioritize efficient scheduling and timely care.

5-Star Quality Care

Our Google reviews speak volumes about our commitment to excellence. We're proud to offer top-rated, reliable bruxism treatment right here in Birmingham. Our patients consistently praise our attentive care, personalized treatment plans, and the warm, welcoming environment we provide. These reviews reflect our team's dedication to not just meeting, but exceeding patient expectations. We believe that every patient deserves the highest standard of care, and our 5-star reviews are a testament to this commitment.

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Convenient Location for Your Patients

Located in Birmingham, we provide local, accessible care without the hassle of travelling to other cities. We understand that accessibility is key to effective treatment, and our convenient location helps reduce the stress and time associated with traveling for medical appointments.






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